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Properties of H2 STORM hydrogen soap:
Hydrogen soap is a special soap containing magnesium which generates great amounts of hydrogen of up to 1600 Ppb
Hydrogen generated by a rich lather during a wash also cleans and removes all make-up perfectly
It helps to remove peeling skin, helps to make skin supple, moisturises and regulates sebum to form clean and transparent skin.

The very fine particles of hydrogen bubbles penetrate deep into the pores and wash away waste products.
A moisturising film forms and so H2 STORM also makes good shower soap.

Instructions for use:

Wet the soap and work into a rich lather. Wash and massage yourself well, then rinse away the lather and get dry.
When taking a shower work H2 storm soap with your hands into a rich lather.
H2 STORM is a soap that generates hydrogen if coming into contact with water. Once used it is recommended removing the water from the soap and keeping it in a dry place.
It is natural for hydrogen bubbles to appear on the surface of the soap as this is not a flaw of the product.