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Alcohol disinfection. Biocidal product of personal hygiene (PT1) for hygienic hand disinfection, highly effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi. No rinsing, color, odor, for external use on healthy skin...


It warms the skin, relieves tension. 100% natural, does not burden your organism. 1 pack contains 15 strips. EDENSTRIP - a combination of a patented blend of herbs, minerals and breakthrough technology that uses muscles and tissues to create energy in places of pain and difficulty and thereby activate health and healing...

Vitality strip

Dietary supplement. It helps by its composition to increase mental and physical performance, protects cells from oxidative stress, promotes the normal function of the immune system. ANYTIME, ANYTHING, EASY TO USE! Dissolves and absorbs within seconds. Suitable for those who cannot or cannot swallow tablets.


A natural food supplement that promotes health and normal function of the immune system. IMMUNITY - COLOSTRUM 60 capsules containing Colostra IgG40 PROBIO with probiotic strain LACTOSPORE. These capsules are a unique combination of animal and plant-based health promoting overall. IMMUNITY is a natural food supplement that promotes health and normal function of the immune system....

Omega 3

Omega 3 1000 mg, EPA 180 mg, DHA 120 mg This Omega 3 product, with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, is designed to care for the heart, blood vessels and other bodily functions. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats in your diet helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Take 250 mg of DHA, i.e. 3 capsules per day, for beneficial effects to your brain and eyesight.

Extra Vitamin C

Extra Vitamin C 500 mg is a dietary supplement , which supports health and the normal function of the immune system. Extra Vitamin C is produced via the specialized technology micropellets, which ensure that Vitamin C is not individually released inside the organism, but rather gradually over a 12-hour period. Vitamin C supports the immune system and defensive capability of the organism. It assists in the process of absorbing iron from food and is also crucial for an energetic metabolism.

Q10 Restart

Food supplement - 500 ml (15 doses) Unique formula specially developed for EDENLIVE This product has been specially developed to compensate for the lack of coenzyme Q10 in the body. some vitamins! When using our Q10 RESTART for 90 days, you completely restart your body and immune system.

Active 4v1

Active 4in1 is a unique joint nutrition product designed for everyone whose joints are regularly stressed - older and younger generation and athletes and its unique composition not only nourishes joints, but also your skin, hair, nails and teeth. It contains 4 most important ingredients - Vitamin C, Boswellia Serrata, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen. There are 30 tablets per pack.

Aloe vera - absolut

It is a 99.5% pure aloe juice with flesh. Aloe vera Barbadensis Miller comes from Mexico. The product's Aloe Vera Juice is certified by the International Aloe Vera Scientific Council I.A.S.C Aloe contains over 200 active ingredients. The most important of these are long-chain polysaccharides whose content in the raw material is guaranteed by the supplier as proof of analysis and is above 9%. Our aloe juice is made from carefully selected...

Red life

Maximum absorption rate due to special. Food supplement. 5.generation of ginseng. Maximum absorption rate due to special. QUICK EFFECT !! WITHOUT AROMA AND AROMA !! 100% powdered Korean red ginseng extract in capsules only.

H2 365

Hydrogen-saturated water generator. In just two minutes, you will produce water saturated with hydrogen with a content of min. 900 - 1100 ppb. The pH of the water does not change - it is rich in hydrogen and minerals.


Hydrogen-saturated water generator. In just two minutes, you will produce water saturated with hydrogen with a content of min. 900 - 1100 ppb. The pH of the water does not change - it is rich in hydrogen and minerals.

Milky Stone

The hydrogen generator is designed directly into the water. Hydrogen water becomes a negative ionization and penetrates deep into the skin thanks to its fine 5 Nano particles. The result is that the hydration power remains for 8 hours.


Hydrogen soap is a special soap containing magnesium which generates great amounts of hydrogen of up to 1600 Ppb. Hydrogen generated by a rich lather during a wash also cleans and removes all make-up perfectly. It helps to remove peeling skin, helps to make skin supple, moisturises and regulates sebum to form clean and transparent skin.


Bath tablet with hydrogen bubbles, characterized by its distinct antioxidizing effect. The first hydrogen bubbling bath tablets in the world, gentle on the skin and towards the environment! Place the tablet in warm water and the hydrogen will gradually release (not visible to the eye) and dissolve in the warm water. It takes between 4 to 5 minutes for the hydrogen to be released.


EDENSLIM 2 in 1, gluten-free food supplement. It will reduce caloric intake as it will create a feeling of satiety and ensure that you eat less and do not starve. EDENSLIM is your helper in trying to lose weight. Extra strong formula !! It is revolutionary in eating and losing weight! It contains a delicious buckwheat porridge and glucomannan - providing a rich supply of fiber for your body...


Special window and glass detergent. Special window and glass detergent ... no more smudges. Strong concentrate. 1 liter, 15% anionic + nonionic surfactant, 3% 2-benzyl-4-chlorophenol with isopropanol, pH7


Special wash concentrate with Aloe Vera for gentle washing, 1.5 liters, 15% anionic + ampholytic surfactants, 2% lanolin, aloe vera, perfume, water.


Ecological household cleaner, 650g. Reliably removes dirt, grease and scale. They read ovens, fireplace, tile joints, ceramic hobs, all dirt in the sink and grease. 15% anionic + nonionic surfactants, abrasive additives, perfume, water.


Green almond washing detergent with 2in1 hand balm. Ecological dishwashing detergent with 2in1, 1,5 liter hand balm.