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Storm H2 Salt


Bath tablet with hydrogen bubbles, characterized by its distinct antioxidizing effect.
The first hydrogen bubbling bath tablets in the world, gentle on the skin and towards the environment!

Place the tablet in warm water and the hydrogen will gradually release (not visible to the eye) and dissolve in the warm water. It takes between 4 to 5 minutes for the hydrogen to be released.

Gentle on the skin, you’ll feel as if you’ve been to the spa
Relieves skin tension
Exfoliates the skin on your body and feet
Maintains a healthy complexion

Method of use
Full-body bath/half-body bath: fill the bath with approx. 80~100l of warm water, then add 5 hydrogen bubble tablets and let them dissolve. Enjoy an approx. 30-minute bath.
Foot bath: fill a washtub or foot spa with water until your feet are submerged up to the ankles. Place 1~2 bubble tablets in the water and let them dissolve. Enjoy an approx. 30-minute foot bath.
Face wash: fill the sink with a sufficient amount of water and place 1 bubble tablet in the water to dissolve. Wet a hand towel in the water and gently massage the skin of your face.
Child’s bath: fill the child’s bath 2/3 of the way with warm water, then place 1~2 bubble tables in the water to dissolve. This bath is suitable for children 3 months and older.

Removes impurities
Quickly revitalizes tired skin
Suitable for nursing women and children