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Warms skin, relieves tension.

100% natural, does not burden your organism.
1 package contains 15 strips.

EDENSTRIP - introduces a combination of a patented mixture of herbs, minerals and components with ground-breaking technology, which uses muscles and tissues to create energy in places of pain and distress, therefore activating health and healing in the body.


  • Korean red ginseng
  • Germanium
  • Silver ions
  • Capsaicin
  • Transdermal wave technology


Nutrients in EDENSTRIP:

  • relieves pain and suffering
  • increases energy and lengthens stamina
  • increases concentration and improves memory
  • preventative effects against oncological diseases
  • detoxes and purifies your cells
  • supports the cardiovascular system
  • strengthens the immune system
  • eliminates symptoms of tiredness, tension and stress
  • supports healthier sleep
  • improves sexual functions and renews sexual activity
  • improves digestion
  • increases cholesterol metabolism
  • decreases blood sugar content
  • helps against asthma and other lung defects
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • one strip provides the body with 100% bio-nutrients during both the day and night, lasting up to 48 hours


Millions of people around the world suffer with the following:

  • intake of harmful substances into the body
  • cardiovascular problems
  • problems with strength and stamina
  • problems with potency
  • problems with joints
  • weak concentration
  • chronic pain
  • dysfunctional sleep
  • energy deficiency
  • burning fat
  • headaches
  • depression
  • stress


What is transdermal wave technology?

  • spreads active substances into the organism through the skin
  • helps substances to take effect over the long-term
  • maintains the same substance concentration in the body
  • fastest conveyance of substances into the organism


EDENSTRIP contains only natural ingredients and does not contain any chemical substances. Use not recommended for children still of nursing age. This product was not tested on children of nursing age only due to natural reasons. 1 strip is effective for 48 hours and high water intake is necessary during this period. Water properly disperses the active substances throughout the entire organism. The strips may be cut into various shapes, depending on their area of use - on a cold sore, on the forehead and on other varied problem areas.


EDENSTRIP Areas of placement depending on illness:

Inflammation of cranial cavities -> on the forehead, on the cavities
Highmoritis -> symmetrically on both sides of Highmore cavities
Inflammation of the middle ear and hearing loss -> behind the ear on both sides, on the cervical vertebra of the spine
Sore throat -> front of the neck, behind the ear and under the chin
Rhinitis -> on the wings of the nose and paranasal sinuses, on the sternum and cervical vertebra of the spine
Cold, cough, bronchitis, to quit the habit of smoking -> on the sternum in the front and between the shoulder blades in the back
Headaches and migraines -> cervical vertebrae of the spine, painful zones on temples
High blood pressure -> a small part of a strip on the cervical spine, a large part of a strip on the lower back
Low blood pressure -> opposite of high blood pressure, a large part on the cervical spine and a small part on the lower back
To improve vision -> on both sides on the temples and on the 2nd cervical vertebra
If suffering from pain in the area of the heart -> 1/2 strip on the sternum, 1/2 between the shoulder blades
Feelings onset health issues, stomach pain, indigestion, breathing problems -> 1/2 strip on stomach, 1/2 strip on lower back
Biliary dyskinesia, heartburn, palpation resistance (acalculous cholecystitis) -> 1/2 strip for gallbladder, 1/2 strip for lower back, or even under the navel on the intestines
Constipation, colitis -> 1/2 strip for navel, 1/2 strip for lower back
Prostatitis, adenoma -> divide the strip into 4 parts - one part is placed on the inside of both thighs, 1 part in the crotch area and 1 part on the lower back
Gynaecological problems -> divide the strip into 4 parts - 1 part is placed in the crotch area, the 2nd and 3rd parts go on both legs below the ankles and the 4th part goes on the lower back
Fibroids and cysts on the ovaries -> 1/2 strip on the area under the navel, 1/2 on the lower back
Joint diseases -> cut the strip into 4 squares and wrap the joint on 4 sides - if the strip does not hold due to the bending of the joint, it can be covered with an ordinary strip
Heel spurs -> on the heel and lower third of both calves
Varicose veins of the lower limbs -> on the lower third of the lower leg
Diabetes -> 1/2 strip over the pancreas area and 1/2 strip on the lower back
For allergies -> 1/2 strip on lower back, divide 1 strip in half and stick to the flats of the right and left foot, 1/2 strip over the liver area
Dermatitis, psoriasis, dry eczema - 1/2 strip directly to the centre point of the rash and 1/2 strip over the liver area
During long-term intake of drugs, intoxication, poisoning - on the soles of the feet and over the gallbladder and liver areas
To improve blood flow to the brain, improve memory, concentration, sleep normalization, osteochondrosis of the spine -> 1/2 strip over the cervical spine and 1/2 strip on the lower back
Hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid function) -> on the sternum and the seventh cervical vertebra


Instructions for Use:

A strip may be used until its warming effect disappears, though, should not be worn for longer than 2 days. Wash and dry the area of application. Open the packaging and take out a strip. Remove the paper wrapping. Place the strip on the skin. Only meant for one-time use, do not use more than once!



Only meant for external use. Do not use in areas of injured skin. Do not use on sensitive skin. Avoid contact with eyes! Pregnant women and nursing children should not use this product (may only be used after having consulted with a physician). This agent is not designed for nursing or small children 12 and younger.

Jakub Ibl said the following about EDENSTRIP:

“I’m glad I discovered this product. This 100% natural product immediately helped my tiredness and pain, and it quickly healed any injuries I suffered from my sport. It also improved my performance. All I have to do is stick it on, and I have no stomach issues, which I usually have when I take pills. My entire Club has started using EDENSTRIP. I highly recommend it!”